About Solstar Satellite Communications and Solar Chargers

Our Story

Since 1999, Solstar has provided the latest in satellite mobile hotspots, satellite phone models, accessories and service to customers of importance worldwide. We also are the manufacturers of the industry leading brand of portable solar chargers for satellite hotspot devices and phones. Solstar is also available to provide consulting services to put together the best satellite phone package for your particular needs.

We have years of experience providing in-building satellite phones for continuity of operations and emergency back-up communications. We also specialize in providing satellite communications services and equipment on business and government aircraft.

Solstar’s Founder and CEO, M. Brian Barnett, is a well-known expert in mobile satellite communications. Before founding Solstar in 1999, he worked at NASA where he helped to train astronauts and managed numerous Space Shuttle experiments. As a management consultant in clean energy, he formed Solstar Energy Devices in 2003 when he identified the need to develop portable solar solutions for satellite phones. Now he leads Solstar’s efforts to provide internet services on spacecraft @SolstarSpace at our sister company.

What makes Solstar special and different? Well, Solstar’s core values include taking care of Planet Earth (that’s why we develop solar chargers!). We constantly voice our support for women in aerospace, STEM education (Science Technology, Engineering, and Math) and STEAM education (Science Technology, Engineering, ARTS, and Math). A significant portion of our resources go to support these causes.

Solstar sells internationally and we have offices in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico USA. We are available to meet by appointment. To set up an appointment, site visit, or get your questions answered, contact us at stephen@solstar.net or +1 (505) 255-2499.

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M. Brian Barnett, President and CEO

Stephen A. Barnett, Manager